More Than a Splash of Color

More than a design element, an original painting tells a story. Perhaps that of a farmer's relationship with nature, or a fisherman's return home. Of small town life or of a family's vacation. Not a mass produced poster, but the reaction of an artist standing the street, recording his impression with pencil and watercolor. Each story is unique, yours alone to enjoy.

This has been my life, for over 50 years, interpreting local scenes and experiences. In addition to scenes of my own choosing, I have been commissioned to paint private homes, historic buildings, and many Washington DC icons, including the White House, federal building and monuments. I escaped from a job in a corporate art department and have been following my imagination ever since.

I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery.


Georgetown - Washington, DC

C & O canal at Great Falls Tavern
Original, 18 x 24, $300
Print, 11 x 14, (Contact Ken Frye)

Street Corner in Georgetown
Original, 18 x 24, $300

Georgetown Mansion
Original, 18x24, $300

The Old Executive Office Building 
Prints, 17 x 22, (contact Ken Frye)

Lock House on C & O Canal
Original, 18 x 24, $300

National Cathedral, 100th Anniversary
Original, 26 x 32, $400

Washington Cathedral, Flower Market
Original, 25 x 31, $400

Washington Cathedral, Japanese Fountain
Original, 25 x 31, $400

C & O Canal at Great Falls, MD
Original, 21 x 25, $300

Barge on C & O Canal, Georgetown
Original, 20 x 26, $300

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